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MT250 Microturbine

Ingersoll Rand
Microturbine Systems - continuous, clean energy solutions Find out how clean-energy microturbine solutions can provide you with efficient and reliable on-site energy: By generating high quality AC power Using a diverse range of gaseous fuels Producing clean, useful exhaust heat with extremely low emissions While located in outdoor, indoor, or hazardous areas Features: Totally integrated, pre-engineered, comprehensive package Includes all generating components, controls, auxiliaries and enclosure Rugged turbine engine Back-to-back rotating components, proven oil-lubricated bearings, all at the cold end of the engine, based on the KG2 engine design Patented recuperator Critical to high efficiency, considered best in the industry Patented combustor Dry low NOx design, meets stringent environmental regulations Fully Integrated fuel-gas booster Optional, internal to the main microturbine package, allows microturbine to accept natural gas at typical street delivery pressures Integrated CHP heat recovery Optional, internal to the main package, suitable for potable water use, fully adjustable heat output controls water outlet temperature from zero to full flow