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    Support Industries, Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia.

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About Us

Our customers includes chemical and petrochemical companies, plants, building and road construction and maintenance. We are high growth company and we are high growth company and we are reaching for supreme world class.

We create value for our customers based on our unique experience and capabilities in sourcing and supplying; procurement, logistics, spare parts handling, storage, sales and a wide range of quality products.

Our commercial success is based on our ability to work hand-in-hand with you as our customer and deserving your confidence, your trust and your loyalty. As your vendor and partner, we deliver benefits:

  • One - stop logistics and spare parts handling.
  • Reliable and Efficient service around the globe.
  • Offices located at your country.
  • Standardized product ranges and services worldwide.
  • Cost efficiency base on our local and global sourcing; procurement; product sales, and spare parts handling.
  • A wide range of products from well known quality brands.
  • Our Mission

    Serving manufacturing and construction industries of every kind in the GCC countries, Seeleya Sourcing & Supplying is the local and global provider an services to the manufacturing and construction industries. SSS is actively pursuing a growth strategy, which has led to have strategic partners in USA, Europe, UK, China, South Korea, India and GCC Countries.

  • Response

    Response is a key word at Seeleya Sourcing and Supplying. Our business understand the urgency of your purchasing requirements. We have the knowledge, resources and capabilities to meet those requirements quickly and efficiently.

    Our extensive experience in logistics, configuration management, sourcing, quality assurance, expediting and shipping – full material management – means Seeleya Sourcing and Supplying can handle your request from inception to completion.

  • Our Vision

    To be the leader in the sourcing and supplying for manufacturing and construction industries' products, spare parts and services and to operate with the highest moral, ethical and legal standards.

    To be Committed to:
    1. Superior service and satisfaction for each of our customers.
    2. Mutually fair, responsible and beneficial arrangement with each of our suppliers.
    3. Fairness, dignity, respect and equal opportunity for all employees.
    4. Professionalism in all aspect of our business.